Live Tour & Events:

This year was a special time for my family: working on differents musical projects i had the chance to travel around five coutries and play almost 115 “gigs”. From “the road” to some of the most important “musical expos”…
The most of the “Tour” i was so glad to share with my wife Teresa. Looking for the artistic quality, and sharing things and targets with differents musicians and friends. We have been working also during this time at our new home (and studio) and now here we are! Last but not least, one more thing i am happy to announce: my new CD will be released soon, with new songs and great guests…
Thanks to all the friends we have met during this “Tour”.
Thanks to all of you guys, stay tuned!

Cristiano LIVE TOUR 2017

#theacoustictour #liuteriabonafini #optimastrings #acus #G7th#essetipicks #lrs #aramini




Ferentino Acustica Festival 2017


Ferentino Acustica Festival 2017 (6





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