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Contemporary Colors

Every person thinks, talks and writes using words from eveyday life: but if they are rearranged in a different and more enthusiastic binding of elements. The same thing is true for the painter, the photographer and the musician who recombines colors, images and sounds of their time into a new and expected harmony. Highway lights, the vortex of a waterfall, the transparency of the mountain, the scent of freshly chopped wood, the secrets of a jouney not yet taken…all this and more in ” CONTEMPORARY COLORS”.



For the production of this CD I didn’t employ any particular style or trend, but I try to go “againt the current” of present industry expectations usually asked by music producers. Every note is played, every instrument “real” with very little use of loops …music that breaths and is not limited to formulate closed in table drawers. In this way I hope that the freshness and energy of the original musical ideas could be preserved from the moment that they were played and executed. That ‘s how I give meaning to this concept ” acoustic” : to conserve the substance and the essentials and expressing it with qualitty and beauty to listeners.
Buona musica e buon viaggio!
 In accomplishing this project I would like to thank: Marco Pollice, Nick Muneratti, Denis Ng, Fabiano Pizzo, Enrica Gianese, Giancarlo Brandolese, Alberto Segafredo, Roberto Novelli, Sandro Crippa, Valerio Gentile, Beni Enderle, Lode e Genrosso, Teresio Masetto, Marco Baxa, Ilaria Veronese and all of my musicians friends. Special thanks to Donato Chiampi for providing the recording facilities. Thank you to my wife Teresa Suchada Wapeekang for being the most intense ” color” of my life

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