#3Souls – Happy Song (Acoustic Cover) 

Voice: Gloria Bettini,Acoustic Guitar : Cristiano Gallian,Percussions: Vito Perrini

# 3Souls  Promo.1 ( Live ) VICENZA  ITALY

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I want to thanks to these people, the musicians as a brothers without 
all of you this production would not be possible: Vito Perrini, Alberto 
Piva, Marco Pollice, Enrico Blacks, Mattia Fabris, Alberto Roccato, 
Jacopo Muneratti, the fabulous choir Gen4, and especially thanks 
to Mite Balduzzi for his cooperation and to my wife Teresa Suchada 
Wapeekang for her supporting with love in these long term production. 
A big thank you to Endorsers : Optima Strings, Guitars Maker Alberto
Bonafini, Acus, Essetipicks, G7th, Percussions Tycoon and 
Gianluca Aramini. 
Of course a sincere thanks to Don Carlo Cavallin not only for his 
songs, but also for his patience and understanding!

Thank you ever so much for being part of LRS families.
See you on tour... 
Cristiano Gallian LRS studio

CAFÉ PARISIEN trio version, Francioso Perrini Gallian